Frank R Molver (24 Nov 2011)
"Ron, Bonnie re Mt Herman vs Temple Mt"
Interesting letter re Mt Hermon, it may be the place where the NWO has some sort of headquarters.
But it is definitely not where the AC will sit and declare himself as God.
That will be at the Temple Mt in Jerusalem, that is the center of focus.
That is the area where Christ was crucified and that is where he will return.
The Dome of the Rock is built over the Threshing floor of Ornan
That is where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac.
There is a huge rock that is fenced in in the center of the dome.
The Muslims pilgrimage there just so they can reach thru and touch the rock of the father of Ishmael.
This is the place of dispute that the world is entangled in.
The number 333 that Ron pointed out, and it's implications are very interesting and no doubt have special meaning to the NWO.