Frank R Molver (22 Nov 2011)
"Jeff re Iran"
I don't know where you got your info but it sounds to be true.
Links would help, but if not then I guess there is a reason.
We are definitely soon into a major conflict
Perhaps the Dec 20 thing is accurate.
Good article.
The issues and actions recently in Iran on the missile site explosion are Mossad's work in trying to convince Iran to give up it's nuke program once and for all. At the very least they have proven to the Iranians that being directly involved in the nuke development program is not good for your health. There are two things that concern me right now, Syria and Pakistan. Assad the ruler of Syria has seen how Mubarak and Quadaffi were taken out, he has no plans of going in such a manner. The opposition has been intense in Syria with thousands killed by Assad's military but they will only kill their countrymen for so long. Assad will very soon lure Israel into a conflict to unify his people and other muslim countries around him to make the muslim brotherhood uprisings go away. The U.S. government has allowed the Pakistani military to break up and move their nuclear warhead inventory in the past few weeks. Yes I said allowed. Our government will let news stories leak sometimes in an effort to soften up or prepare us for something down the road. A news report two weeks ago showed the audacity of the Pakistani government moving nuclear warheads in conventional non-military cargo vans as to avoid suspicion. The warheads (30-50 of them) are in now "undisclosed, separate locations". I would not be surprised if Iran and Syria have not acquired several of Pakistan's warheads in the past few months through different means. The news leak of the Pakistani's moving the nukes in a risky manner will lead into the story line in the near future of how either Syria or Iran acquired or stole them. We know from the Book of Ezekiel that God will put a hook in the jaw of Gog and Magog to draw her in to a conflict with Israel. I believe that hook will be a conflict with Iran and/or Syria. If you were to add The Rapture in to this conflict the Russians and some of the former soviet republics supporting Iran would be very imboldened to come against Israel. I would suggest that as much as 60% or more of the U.S. military are Saved Christians. When they vanish off this planet it will only take our enemies' military forces 10-15 hours to figure out the complete effect of this by electronic eavesdropping.