Frank R Molver (21 Nov 2011)
"Chris re witchcraft plants in church"
I understand why you would think that this is a moot point.
If you focus on what appears to be happening in the church here I would agree.
However, God saying he never intended large gatherings is not true.
I'm sorry you have never experienced one.
I had an experience with some on fire Christians many years ago
Many miracles were happening and God was definitely showing up.
However we started focusing on the blemishes of the church.
Next came isolation because everyone else was a hypocrite.
Never really dealing with our own stuff cause we though we were the remnant.
Pretty soon we were dead.
There is a huge congregation in heaven.
I have been in a few huge congregations where you knew for sure God had shown up.
It was an awesome experience.
Even though I found out later that one of the leader was not right, that did not stop what God was allowing to happen.
So focusing on the negative is never good.
And by the way, who would want you to focus on the negative and isolate yourself?
Would that be God?
When a coal is separated from the fire it looses it's glow and dies.