Frank R Molver (19 Nov 2011)
"Alan re huge Iran blast 11 12 11"
Well, perhaps the 11 11  11 thing did unleash something.
Because on 11 12 11 this happened
Probably not what they wanted.
I recall a vision shared here of a nuke blowing up in it's silo in Iran.
Perhaps this is what happened seeing that they have secured a 20 square mile area around the blast.
The riddle of the Iranian base blast
The first Western spy satellite images of the explosions at the Alghadir Revolutionary Guards base 45 km west of Tehran further deepen the mystery of their cause Monday, two days after the event. The coming DEBKA-Net-Weekly out Friday proposes some intriguing answers. In seconds, the vast 52-square kilometer (20 sq. mile) area around the base was laid waste, as though ravaged by a nuclear blast – except for the absence of radioactivity. The Guards have placed the area off-limits and posted special operations units to bar entry.