Frank R Molver (19 Nov 2011)
"Jim re Obama presidency foretold by communist in 92"
When this was first mentioned a few years back I thought it was a made up after the fact prophetic word.
Now I don't think so.
Not only that, but some of you recall the headlines of witches and shamans thru out the world praying for him to win. Also there were occult ceremonies he participated in, one I have learned of recently that I shared here.
But the NWO does not stick together very well.
Remember the Daniel prophecy?
This last kingdom is represented by 10 toes made of clay and iron.
I would say Iron represents communism.
Perhaps clay represents democratic like government.
Clay weakens the iron cause the don't mix.
Then this big rock comes and breaks it all up.
But in the meantime it appears we have to put up with Obama.