Frank R Molver (19 Nov 2011)
"Jeff and Ron re war before Christmas"

Considering that you both had the same sort of idea and posted the same day it appears to be a confirmation.
With the info that there may have actually been an nuke type explosion in Iran involing 20 sq miles on Nov 12 per Debka, we may be closer then we think
Dear Ron and Doves,

Last week I had a vivid dream after asking The Lord for continued discernment and clarification on what is to come. I dreamt I was in a large retail store and there was irritation by everyone inside the store. I was by the doorways with no goods watching in confusion and was approached by store management and security to go inside and shop or leave at once. In a state of irritation myself by this afront I pointed at the manager and stated this will be inconsequential to you and everyone in six weeks. There will be chaos in the streets and the stores will be as nothing for lack of goods. When I stated this in my dream I felt as if I was sending a message from The Lord in a manner to the general public as many were standing around in the store watching. As soon as I stated this in my dream, everyone in the store panicked and left the store immediately and there was mass chaos in the parking lot as the cars were streaming out in a chaotic manner, hitting each other with no regard to get either home or somewhere else, another store perhaps. Often when I get a dream from The Lord I know exactly what the meaning is. In this dream it was not so clear but when I awoke the timeframe of six weeks was very strong, I had the dream the night of November 7th. The week of Christmas something dire will happen on Sunday or Monday in the first part of the week, what I am not sure. I am only posting this as a reply and confirmation of Ron's post. As I stated in a post last month, I truly believe The Rapture will happen before Christmas this year.

Witness and bring as many to Christ as you can, time is running out.

Jeff Crisp