Frank R Molver (19 Nov 2011)
"The spirit of prophecy is not always nice"

Just some 3 am download thoughts.
Being nice, kind, forgiving and looking for the best in any situation are Christian virtues for sure.
Certainly we would like to prophecy God's blessing over others and see beyond the current circumstances.
However, when I think about who God used as prophets and especially Steven the first Christian martyr, I think that is not all it.
The spirit of prophecy says things that we would not ordinarily say, because some times speaking a prophetic word will bring an angry response.
The spirit of prophecy sees the hidden things beyond the facade that we may create.
The spirit of prophecy looks at the issues of the heart.
Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet, he cried for his people, yet the things he prophesied were sometimes brutal.
Ezekiel was commanded to dig under a temple wall and look inside to see what was going on the inside of the temple when people weren't looking, in reality he was looking into the  minds of the religious leader who were approaching him for an answer from God.
Their minds were full of wicked things even though their outside appearance was that of respected religious men.
Wilkerson had a word for those who just prophesied smooth things.
He called them pillow prophets, sweet dreams.
Yet sweet dreams do not deal with the issues of the unyeilded heart and therefore no healing.
Like Jeremiah said, They have treated the hurt of my people lightly, saying  peace peace when there is no peace.
 There is no peace when God has an conflict with an issue of our heart.
And so the spirit of prophecy must be brought in humility, to tear down the faulty structure, then to heal.
We can't manipulate this part out of ministry, otherwise there will be no change.
The spirit of witchcraft would try to convince us otherwise.
And really, the spirit of witchcraft is not much more than manipulating others for our will.
There I said it.
Now I am going to sleep.
I think.