Frank R Molver (18 Nov 2011)
"Tracy re 11 11 11 world deception and vision"
Good article and very in depth
I was glancing thru the article and noticed this picture
It is similar to a vision I had many years ago
One of the subtitles of this page was
"They shall be as Gods"
In the vision there was giant circle that appeared to be somewhere in India
A mass of people all set in concentric circles like this picture
They were all focused on the center from where the power came
I felt as I was just passing by the enormous power coming from it
I felt that if I lingered a moment too long I would be sucked into it's grasp
Then at the periphery of the circle I saw people turning into dust
And that was the purpose, trapped into this vortex, then death and hell.
All the while they were thinking they were going to be Gods
That is what the last day deception is all about
So I suspect the 11 11 11 date actually activated something.