Frank R Molver (18 Nov 2011)
"whitchcraft plants in church"

A friend of mine who I am involved in ministry to the homeless mentioned, plants.
Those are people who are witches that pretend to be Christians in order to bring spiritual havoc in the church.
My thought was, if a church is compromised enough, you wouldn't even need that.
However, another dove mentioned in an earlier post that those in witchcraft will infiltrate churches in order to get them to compromise on spiritual issues in order to weaken the church.
You know, participate in questionable events, make them seem harmless, celebrations, holidays, etc.
They do a good job in making it all seem so logical and acceptable, and a Christian that has not experienced the reality of the demonic is very vulnerable.
You see, it begins with one thing and then leads to another, pretty soon there is no Christianity at all.
Where does one draw the line?
Can we watch movies with witchcraft in them and not be effected?.
Can we play video games that are full of occult images and not be effected?.
What about the music we listen too?
Has the philosophy of the New Age movement ruined or understanding of the gospel.
Do we want a little bit of both, Christ and the new age?.
I think that if we chose both when we have been warned not to would define the spirit we have embraced.
You know, a quick way to deflect legitimate concern is to claim some sort of persecution.
There is a lot of witchcraft in the church and that is basically rebellion, not doing it God's way but your own.