Frank R Molver (17 Nov 2011)
"Looks like Netanyahu is about to move on Iran"
Look at Benjamin Netanyahu's face in this article by Debka
It looks like he has made up his mind and is not turning back.


Israeli Prime Minister "is acting to stop" Iran's nuclear armament

debkafile's military sources report that this is the first statement of this nature the prime minister has ever delivered to Israel's parliament. It was phrased notably in the present tense. "The authorized bodies" are thought to refer to the Israeli Defense Forces and its intelligence community.

Also worth noting is that Netanyahu sent a minister to read out his message. He himself absent from this key debate and so was the defense minister. For the first time too, there was no reference to sanctions which have figured hitherto in all Israeli official statements on the Iranian nuclear controversy.

The implication is that an operation against a nuclear Iran may be in the works. If so, a response from Tehran is to be expected shortly.