Frank R Molver (12 Nov 2011)
"prophetic, spiritual significance to Alexander tomb discovery"
From what I read in the letter some believe this discovery will open the door to great changes
Alexander the Great was a leader that Christians and Jews prayed would come and deliver them from persecution
We seem to be on the verge of that now.
Not sure what all this means
But if it has anything to do with the temple mount restoration, watch out.
Things could be happening real quick.
Thanks Mike Curtiss for your post "Ark of the Covenant Found in Alexander the Greats Tomb." --

here is another link I found with a lot more info - Alexander the Great's Tomb at Thassos?

Full Title: Researching and evaluating the claims about the existence of Alexander the Great’s tomb and the Arc of the Covenant on the island of Thassos.

I read the whole article but found little reference to the Arc of the Covenant other than the title but there was a mention of it in the Dreams and Vision section (It seems that the excavation members are having dreams and visions). You will find it near the bottom of the article about the Ark and opening of the cave - here is a quote:

"There they told me that when the gate of the cave will be opened dreadful things, strong wind, thunders, war in heaven will take place that others will be able to see and others not. But I shouldn't be afraid because it would be something that nature will expect though it would be advisable to go away from there since the whole earth will shake not just in Thassos, but in Kavala, in Greece and all over the world for all people to realize that what comes is so much important."