Frank R Molver (11 Nov 2011)
"Nicole re RDF chip tracking etc"
Correct, even if you don't get the mark you probably have the chip somewhere
I got out of facebook because of some of this monitoring and manipulation.
So how far does this go?
Even what we do now will have consequences later
So enjoy it while we have it.
Networking face to face is probably better anyway
A time to hide away with like minded believers may be here soon.
your letter.
Quote from above article: "People who make great employees should have nothing to hide."

My comments:
A new company is out there called and it is a way for recruiters and HR companies to submit surveys to your old coworkers and employers, but they are expanding this for the future. So in the future if companies like this arise, then they would bypass the old way of hiring and could they go into a real of gossip and slander? Think about it, you are a Christian and there are people that hated you at your job but you did a great job. And if someone does not like you they could say you showed up work late, used foul language, and sat on the internet. What are they doing now to the Christians on youtube? They want us GONE! It would make me want to delete my Facebook accounts and not talk about my faith in Jesus at work at all in order to be hired at the next company. I mean, it seems to me it would force Christians to go underground with their faith....does this ring TRIBULATION to anyone?

Talk about a whole new level of persecution. I mean companies now are firing people for what they say on social networking sites, and people are having to step down out of their jobs in the media and entertainment industries for personal comments they make. Talk about having the power to fire you and you not have any income based upon your beliefs, guys it is here but not in total full swing yet. The legal way to hire and recruit currently is only a call and find out your salary, date of hire and leave date, your supervisor name, basic responsibilities, if you are eligible for rehire, and your position title, and if you supervised any employees. The recruiter and your boss or coworkers under the guise of eligible for rehire, they cannot use any other language except YES or NO. They cannot say you were late for work, you said bad words, etc. I would think this could be cause for a law suit and defamation of character.

But welcome to the New World Order......these companies which are assisting this new beast system like are defying the normalcy of our freedom and embarking into a controlled police state where only the same minded individuals are hired. Have you tried to get a job and never told why you did not get the job? Well obviously, they don't tell you why you didn't get the job, yet they are talking behind your back and they are talking to Homeland Security and they are running your personal information. People are being discriminated against daily, so because the Christians are so asleep and they have all their personal information on Facebook, well the people to not get the jobs first will be the Christians. It is time to pull back or you will start facing persecution. Not disclosing everything all the time does not mean that you are compromising your faith. It means that sometimes you have to be smart so that you survive until it is your time. Remember, Jesus had to do this and He avoided certain situations until it was His time.

Those that are in the "in crowd" of the beast system will have no problem flying through Facebook, Twitter, these social networks because they are micro-chipped and so politically correct. Let me tell you now that it is time to really wake up because the spider web is closing in on the people preparing for the mark of the beast and there is not going to be anywhere to hide. Your clothes will give away your GPS location, so hiding out in a cave in the tribulation, well that is not going to work like people once thought. It is going to be more tightly controlled than that and I really hope that people wake up and realize that you are being profiled by your Facebook, Twitter, your job, your purchasing history, your physical movements at stores through camera behavior monitoring. This information is sold daily, you are being sold like a dog!