F.M. Riley (29 Nov 2011)
"Bible study - December"

Seven Days in December…..

                                                                                                                                                          By Pastor F. M. Riley

                                                                                                                                                          November 28, 2011


     “Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the Master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:

     Lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping.

     And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.”  

                                                                                                                                         Mark 13:35-37



     This entire year of 2011 has been a fascinating year in view of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  Those true believers who have seriously studied the prophecies and watched world events, are well aware that many of the “signs” and events predicted to occur in the end time have swiftly moved into place throughout this year.  The year is obviously not over, yet we are now facing the last month in this year on our Gentile calendar.  What will this month bring?  I do not know!  Yet as I face the prospect of the month of December, I can’t help but believe that the events of the previous months in this year are going to seem mild in comparison to what may occur in this coming month of December.   Read and give some serious thought to what follows……




     Those who are already rushing to suggest possible “dates” to watch for next year, appear to have totally overlooked this date this year which was one of the most important dates  in the history (and future???) of America.  This date is Kislev 11 on the Jewish calendar.

     It was on this date exactly 70 years ago to the day that the Japanese military bombed Pearl Harbor, causing  the United States to enter World War II.   Now I am wondering if that date, which Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was the President of the U.S. at that time, labeled “A day which shall live in infamy,” was an “omen of evil” for this country?  I am made to wonder about this for several reasons…..

     [1]   Even as I write several Russian warships are in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria, and in the Persian Gulf, facing several U.S. warships which have moved into those same areas over the past two weeks.  Intelligence reports have indicated that it is the intention of the U.S., Israel, and Turkey to attack Syria [and possibly Iran] to the extent of removing Syria’s present dictator from power.  But Russia has notified all three nations involved that an attack on Syria would be considered as an attack on Russia.  Now the warships of both Russia and the U.S. are engaged in a “face off” even as I write.  I cannot help but wonder if this “stand off” will suddenly erupt into a red hot war?  Is it possible that the nations presently involved in this “stand off” will continue to bluster and blow at each other until suddenly on December 7th a red hot war breaks out?  I don’t know!

     [2]   I do know that “70” is the Bible number for “the restoration of Israel.”  This causes me to wonder if the U.S. will be suddenly taken out of the end-time scenario on December 7th, exactly 70 years to the day after the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor?  I do not know!   What I do know is that the prophet Isaiah was given a vision in Isaiah 24 of the destruction of an unnamed nation.  This nation is located at “the uttermost part of the earth” in relation to Israel, 24:16.  Now take a world globe, put your finger on Israel, and then turn the globe to “the uttermost part of the earth” from Israel and see where this unnamed nation is located.  Notice also that as Isaiah sees this vision, it is so terrible that he is moved to cry out, “My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me!  the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously; yea the treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously,” Isaiah 24:16.  Is this actually speaking of another treacherous attack on the United States of America?  I do not know!  But we will SOON see, for time is swiftly rushing on!   

     [3]   The inspired Word states explicitly that the capitol city of Syria, Damascus, a city dating from the dawn of human history after the flood, will be totally destroyed.  “The burden of Damascus, Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap,” Isaiah 17:1.  Is this the time that this prophecy will be


fulfilled?  I don’t know!  But I have long expected this present dispensation to end and the Tribulation to begin with a short red hot war, probably involving the use of nuclear bombs.   It seems reasonable to me that it would require a nuclear bomb to reduce the entire large city of Damascus to “a ruinous heap” in a matter of a few seconds or minutes [?].  It also seems reasonable to me that such an action would be the one thing which would

terrify the whole world [Luke 21:25-26] into rushing to come up with a “peace plan” [covenant] which supposedly

would guarantee peace to Israel and the whole Middle East for seven years, Daniel 9:27.  This would, of course, also bring the antichrist on the world scene presenting himself to Israel and the world as the great “peace maker,”Revelation 6:2.    Is it possible that the nations presently involved in this “stand off” will continue to bluster and blow at each other until suddenly on December 7th a red hot war breaks out?  I do not know!  But we who are “watching” as the Lord told His people to do don’t have long to wait to find out.      

     [4]   In the prophecy given by the Apostle Peter on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, Peter specifically stated, “the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come,” 2:20.  This passage plainly states that these heavenly events will occur “before” the “day of the Lord” [the seven year Tribulation].  All of the other predicted events in the preceding verses [2:17-19] have either occurred or are occurring RIGHT NOW.  But I personally have never found a specific time in this entire present dispensation where verse 20 has been fulfilled.     Notice that verse 20 is immediately preceded by verse 19 which specifically states that the Lord “will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke.”  Today we are seeing unprecedented solar flares coming off the Sun, with comets and asteroids flying past the earth and more coming, and  earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and violent weather occurring, and now the prospect of imminent (possibly nuclear) war.  Is it possible that a combination of all of these things occurring in a matter of hours or even a day or two could totally block out the light of the Sun by day, and cause the Moon as seen through the ash and smoke during the night to appear as “blood”?  Is it possible this could even occur on December 7th?   I don’t know!  But I do know we are living in the end times and Bible prophecy is being fulfilled unlike anything I have every previously seen or even imagined.  Think about it!




     Significantly, there will be a total eclipse of the full Moon on this date [Kislev 14 on the Jewish calendar].  When the full Moon is eclipsed, it does not become totally dark, but rather turns blood red, thereby producing what is sometimes referred to a “blood moon.”  Will this be the fulfillment of Acts 2:20, just shortly preceding the beginning of the Tribulation period?   I don’t know!   But unless the astronomers are completely wrong in their calculations, this “blood moon” will occur on this date.  Another date worth watching! 




     Ten days later is Kislev 24.  This is the 24th day of the 9th month on the Jewish calendar, or the day which the Jews refer to as “Hanakkuh.”  See Haggai 2:1-23.  The 20th of December on our Gentile calendar is the first day of this Jewish observance, as it is an eight day observance for the Jews.  It was on this day during the time of the Maccabees that the Syrians had been defeated and the Jews reinstituted their Temple worship.  They joyfully re-lighted the Menorah lamps knowing that they only had enough oil to burn for one day, but miraculously the “servant lamp” on the Menorah burned for eight days.  Since that time so many centuries ago, the Jews have observed the eight days of Hanakkuh as one of their most holy observances.

     Significantly, some Christian “scholars” believe that Hanakkuh is the day the Lord Jesus Christ was conceived in the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit of God [Luke 1:30-31], to come and dwell among humanity as “the light of the world.”  I do not know and cannot verify the truth of this belief, but I do find it interesting.   Whether it is true or not, is it possible that He who is indeed “the light of the world” may use this date to “appear in glory” to New Covenant believers and resurrect and rapture them to glory, Colossians 3:4?  I don’t know!  But I do think that in view of the whole world situation right now, the exact position of this Jewish date on the Gentile calendar this year is highly interesting. 

     I also urge our readers to carefully study John 10:22-40.  It was on one of these days of the Hanakkuh observance that Christ departed from Israel into a Gentile land [John 10:40] before returning to Israel three days later [John 11:6-7] to raise Lazarus from the dead.  The resurrection of Lazarus is a type of the spiritual


resurrection to life of the repentant believing “remnant” of Israel.  Glory to God!   Is it then “possible” that this

 Hanakkuh could be the time when the Lord Jesus Christ turns from ministering to the Gentiles and returns to minister to His own Jewish people?  I don’t know!  But I do believe the date is worth “watching.”   

     This Jewish date this particular year comes exactly ten days after a “blood moon.”  Read Revelation 2:10.  If this Scripture has ever been literally fulfilled in this dispensation, I have never found the time of its fulfillment.  I can’t think of a better time for it to be fulfilled than during this ten day period between December 10th and 20th. 

     Then is it “significant” that the very next day is…..




     This day is the “Winter Soltice.”  In other words, on this day fall ceases and winter begins.  Of course this happens every year, so I wouldn’t think much about it except for the world situation right at this time and how the days of the Jewish calendar are falling in relation to the Gentile calendar this year.   I am also reminded of the prophetic lament of the unbelieving Jewish people recorded in Jeremiah 8:20, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.”  I think it is obvious that this Scripture is loaded with spiritual meaning.  The harvest apparently applies to the resurrection and rapture of New Covenant believers.  Compare 1 Corinthians 15:35-38.  The reference to “summer” clearly indicates that the lament is made sometime after that season has been concluded.  Of course the lament of the Jews clearly indicates that they have not yet received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Messiah and Redeemer.  Could this date this year be the time when this lament comes forth from the unbelieving Jews which are left behind at the rapture?  I don’t know!  All I know for sure is that God’s people are very close to the coming of our Lord to take us home to glory.  These dates in December are worth keeping in mind and “watching.”



     The next day, the 22nd of December, is the shortest day of the year.  From ancient times the Pagans have observed this day as the death of the old Sun god.  On the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, each day contains almost exactly the same amount of “daylight.”  But then after three days and three nights [according to ancient Paganism] of the old Sun god being dead, the new Sun god for the next year emerges on…..




     This day is longer by several minutes than the three preceding days.  This is why the Pagans almost from the time of Noah’s flood, long before the first coming of Christ, observed this day as the birth of the new Sun god.  This is obviously also why, after the first coming of Christ, this day was adopted by apostates from Christianity [1 John 2:18-19] as the day when Christ was born, and eventually was received into the ranks of “professing Christianity.”  Now wouldn’t it be amazing if this year “Lucifer” [Isaiah 14:12-16] chooses this day to make his appearance to the world?  No, I’m not predicting anything!  I am “watching” and seriously studying exactly as the Lord told all of His people to do.   If you are a true believer, try it!  You’ll like it! 




     This date is the last day of Hanakkuh on the Jewish calendar, a “new moon,” and the first day of the Jewish month of Tevet, the 10th month on the Jewish calendar.  “10” is the Bible number for “the Law” [Torah].  Could this be the time when the last seven years of the Law is reinstituted upon the unbelieving Jewish people?  Read Daniel 9:24-27 and keep in mind that Israel was living under the Law when this prophecy was given, and only 69 weeks [483 years] of that appointed time period have been fulfilled.  Unbelieving Israel and the Jewish people still have 7 more years of Law to fulfill!  Think about it! 




     Dear readers, I don’t know if anything prophetically significant will occur on any of these days.  But I do know that time is running out!  The resurrection and rapture of New Covenant believers has to be very close.  The


beginning of the terrible Tribulation period is staring humanity in the face RIGHT NOW.  The month of December  could be the most significant month of this entire year.  Whether it will be is entirely in the hands of the Lord.  Nevertheless, I will keep right on “watching” and praying daily and holding fast “the blessed hope” [Titus 2:11-15] of our Lord’s coming until the very day His glorious shout falls on my ears, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, and our Lord comes to take His people “home” to glory.  I hope every reader will meet me in glory.  Please don’t disappoint me.


   Please feel free to use this study as the Lord leads.  In the love of Christ,  


                                                            Pastor F. M. Riley