Fay from Tx (29 Nov 2011)
"To Mary Adams"

Thank you for sharing what the Lord showed you about your mother through the butterfly.

 Before my grandfather died I asked him about his relationship with the Lord and his answer led me to believe he belonged to Jesus.
So when my "Paw Pa" passed away in 2005 I believe the Lord allowed me to notice a bright red, male cardinal bird on top of one of the tallest trees on their property singing at the top of it's lungs.

My Paw Pa had all kinds of sayings. One of which was being "in high cotton." I understood this to be a really good position to be in.

When I saw and heard the celebration of that red bird high in the old pecan tree that's the phrase that went through my mind, Paw Pa is" in high cotton" now. He is free from all earthly burdens and is with the King of Kings.