Fay from Tx (29 Nov 2011)
"To Frank Molver, Amy V and any I missed..."

Thank you for your insights about Ashdod and Damascus.

At the time, early in the morning and not fully awake, I didn't know what Ashdod was for certain and had to look it up online. I thought that maybe the Lord was just trying to get me to pay attention.

On the same note a couple of years ago (?) I remember the name Farah Faucet coming to mind. Since I wasn't keeping up with movie stars I had no idea why her name came to mind. I have had names come to mind like that periodically over the past ten years both of people I know and people I don't know. I've learned the habit of just praying for whatever name comes. So I prayed for Farah Faucet just in case it wasn't my imagination.

A few days later I was told she had been battling cancer and had passed away. I had never heard anything about her life in recent years so this was news to me. At that point I wished I had prayed more seriously about it.

Thought it might help to post about these cities because there are many who come to FDs that have an interest in and an understanding of the prophetic times we are living in and who keep up with the news more closely than I do.

Thanks for your responses.

 Although I know the Bible to some extent and have had good teachers of the word, I don't have a complete grasp on end-time Bible prophecy and probably this will be the case no matter how hard I try in my own power to absorb it all.

 But I know He's faithful and if I trust myself to Him fully He will take care of what's lacking in me in terms of understanding. He will lead me to the right information at the right time.

Praying with you....

-Fay in TX