Fay from Tx (26 Nov 2011)
"If it's from the Lord..."

I woke up with the word "ashdod" on my mind a while back in October.  I didn't know what "ashdod" was.
I looked it up and it is a city by the coast almost a straight line to the left of Jerusalem.

After asking the Lord why He would place that city on my mind, a few days later I read that Ashdod was hit with some sort of "Grad" style rocket. My understanding from an article I looked up is that it was on a Saturday night towards the end of October.

Since that time the Lord has awakened me with other things...usually Bible scripture pertaining to my personal walk with Him.

This morning I was awakened with the word Damascus and some words that had to do with it's destruction. It seemed like a radio or television announcement. It surprised me even though I know it's Bible prophecy.

I've asked the Lord what I should do or why He would share that with me. I don't think He would wake me up with those words for nothing.

I prayed for Ashdod when that city came to mind last month.

Maybe we should pray for those in Damascus who need to leave that city? I'm personally praying that anyone who will hear the Lord will follow any instruction He might be giving them at this time.

I'm not sure what else to do other than post this for others to read.

Thank you,

-Fay from TX