Fay (4 Nov 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
Dear Suzi - please don't disappear off Doves. You are too valuable. I have often been reduced to tears and frustration by the reaction I've received from others. We only have to recall the Glenn Beck debacle (for one). I'm busy compiling an important article regarding the filthy rumor that it's the Jews who run the world. When I've finished, it will provide astonishing evidence that this is a deliberate attempt of Satan's to finger the Jewish people as the 'evil' ones. The big names - Rothschild, Rockerfeller etc., are very useful pawns for a MUCH more powerful group. This group have been incredibly masterful at propagating the outrageous lie re the Jews. Their handiwork has created this evil mythology. It's worked, so far. Thank God for the Internet as it's made research possible. We can really start to join the dots. I have no doubt that this future article will cause some to be offended. I wasn't going to write it as it sometimes doesn't seem worth it. However, the LORD has been prodding me.
Please keep contributing, Suzi. All you have to do is develop a thicker hide!!
God Bless you sister.