Fay (2 Nov 2011)
"Madness in the Fast Lane"

Hi John and Doves,
This is an astonishing BBC Documentary. This bizarre incident happened in 2008. The documentary only aired in 2010. What you will see is fact - no fiction involved. It's not overly gruesome but it is highly disturbing. There are 4 parts to this you tube video link. If you would like further information, type the words, "Madness in the Fast Lane" into Google. There's a wealth of info to be found there. The police who were the first on the scene, just happened to have a BBC film crew with them. They were filming for another series on motorway (freeway) stuff. I find it incredible that our LORD ensured that this 'incident' was properly filmed and documented so that we could ALL absorb the evidence. I was alerted to this by LA Marzulli who was just interviewed on Coast to Coast. This link came off the Stan Deyo website - www.standeyo.com - on Monday 31st October 2011. It's an interview well worth listening to. A glimpse into the esoteric that is becoming more blatant. The veil is thinning.
These Swedish twins could be victims of MK Ultra mind control or SRA (satanic ritual abuse). What is obvious to me - beyond a shadow of a doubt - is that they are also hybrids. There is no way on God's earth, that any ordinary human being could have survived this stuff. If they were proper humans, they would be thoroughly and completely dead. These twins are not only alive BUT totally healthy - to this day!! After watching this, I started to realise that the 2008 year is no coincidence. With the Dow falling 777.68 on Rosh Hashanna - Obama exploding onto the world - the ME kicking off.......and now this. We have GOT to seriously sit up and take notice of just exactly where we are on the time-line. It's becoming horribly scary now and we've got to start getting with the programme. I often think back to the green horse footage we all saw during the Egypt riots. We can no longer deny the blatant evidence that's in front of us. People can call that a lens flare until the cows start coming home - what are the chances of that lens flare being a green horse?? In Egypt?? With the rise of Islam?? 2008 was the start. Let's not kid ourselves or get overly complicated with alternative time-lines. Let's SEE the evidence that the LORD is practically chucking at us.
Please pray for protection when you watch this documentary. I believe evil manifested itself, on earth, in 2008. Properly.
May God Bless us all.
In Jesus' Beloved Name