Elliot Hong (19 Nov 2011)
"55 Days Delay & 10 Day Warning & 3 Day Warning?"

Dear Doves:
I just watched a very good YouTube clip of Jason that Brother Calvin emailed me.
Jason mentioned that last Elenin alignment with the Earth & the Sun was on Sep.27,
Rosh Hashanah and the next one is on Nov.19-22.
And I found it's 55 days from Sep.27 to Nov.21, and 55 represents "the Bride", so it's
very possible that the Lord delays for 55 days from Rosh Hashanah.
Calvin believes the magnitude 4.6 quake which occurred on Nov.18 in the State of 
Washington is a significant sign.
Could this quake be then a 3 Day Warning?
And could 11/11/11 be a 10 Day Warning?
In my opinion, last RH was the definite time marker for many reasons including a shofar
blowing flash mob performance which occurred in many cities all over the world for the
first time, besides some people have been seeing "21", so it makes sense to me that
55 (Double Grace?) days delay from RH.
I know my last post was about "8 Days from 11/11/11?", so some might be confused, but
we're all trying to learn and understand, aren't we?