Elliot Hong (15 Nov 2011)
"8 Days from  11/11/11?"

Dear Doves:
After viewing 3 You Tube messages "A urgent message to the Watchers" "A writtern word from God" "No More Time!,"
I'm convinced that the Bride went in the Ark as the door was opened and closed on 11/11/11.
In my opinion, once the door is closed, the Judgment should begin from the 7th day and the Bride could be transformed on the 8th day.
Therefore, the Bride should be extremely careful not to be devoured by the dragon during this period of 8 days.
No wonder why the Lord told those sisters "Tell my bride that they are inside the Ark and the door is closed.  Do not remove
yourself from the Ark, stay in the Ark" and "My sheep hear my voice!  The Alarm has been sounded."
As long as sheep hear their shepherd's voice and stay inside of fence(Ark), they're protected and safe as it's written in John 10:27-28.
Calvin wrote that the Japan's Monstrous Quake &Tsunami was exactly "8" (the number on the Ark) "Gentile" months before 11/11/11,
Noah lived before Abraham so "NOAH" would be a "Sign to the Gentile", therefore, 8 "Gentile" month would be a sign for Us
(the "8" who are ready) TO GET INTO THE ARK, and the moon was at Lion's mouth and handle of "sickle of Leo" when the 8.8
Concepcion EQ occurred and it will be at the same location on Nov.17-19.
To me, all the puzzles seem to fit together and hopefully this is it!
See you soon,