Doran (9 Nov 2011)
"To Matthew, 12:22"

Hi Matthew!  I think you might be spot on with your 11:44 analysis.  Your findings are very interesting and have prompted some thoughts.  I am wondering if 11:55 is a higher state of being, that those of us who are followers of Christ are representatives of???  Just brain storming here, so if anyone has thoughts on this, fire away!  I better go find that childs dream of 11:55 and see how it might relate to my dream of 11:55 in a rectangle, like a clock.
       Your comment on Exodus 12:22 also has me wondering.  Since this is a reference to putting the blood on the doors until death passes over, I am thinking if the rapture occurs on Kislev 24, or December 20/21 then is December 22 the time of great destruction?   Like I said, these are thoughts prompted by your post and I welcome any comments!  Let's keep digging!!!
ybic   Doran