Don Flowers (11 Nov 2011)
"Emergency Alert System test bungled this badly?"

The Emergency Alert test nationwide was a joke.  Of dozens of FM stations in our area only two big powerhouses even played the test.  One station was 2 minutes late and the other 4 minutes.  I heard one small station in an adjacent state playing the default emergency statement on his own not even mentioning a national test – I guess the DJ panicked and pulled out the old tapes just to be safe!  The national weather service stations I tuned to even missed the test.  Folks the government did NOT botch the test this badly.  First off the test as been around for decades otherwise known as the Emergency Broadcast System.  They have much experience with the system and the systems have functioned synchronously in the past across most individual states.  The tests can be rehearsed and verified off the air before throwing the switch at each station to lock it into the over-the-air broadcasts.  They have had months to prepare and verify.  They are playing mind games with the US citizens and setting us up for apathy and a no care attitude just so there will be chaos when the real thing happens.

Not only that, if something terrible happens and they know in advance, they will choose not to tell us to prevent mass panic.  They will always be able to point back to 11-9-11 and say they tried to warn us but the system failed – right.