Diane Chapman (2 Nov 2011)
"Edwina - tooth drilling"

Lol, yes Edwina, it is hard to rustle up enthusiasm to go to the dentist!  I really dislike going - hence the 4 year gap and hoping the rapture would happen first...
As far as the gold fillings, yes I have heard of that before!  Weird!  I wonder if people got fillings from the Lord for teeth that needed filling, or if they just got them on good teeth.  Ok, so I admit, I have a problem at taking some things at face value without analyzing them completely as to WHY it would happen that way - me and Mr. Doubting Thomas - haha!
My one and only gold tooth was a crown 4 years ago.  Unfortunately, the Lord did not see fit to put it in there - I had to pay for it myself - to the tune of over $1200!  Yikes!  Oh well - the Lord provided as He always does!
Blessings and support to you sis,
Diane C
Edwina (31 Oct 2011)
"Diane C - Tooth drilling."

Dear Diane,
Thanks so much for your post and I had an incling I wasn't alone!!lol
My tooth doesn't hurt and my other wisdom teeth were removed, just think when we get our ressurection bodies we'll all have brilliant teeth. Have you heard about Matt Sorger/ Bobby Connor and the GOLD FILLINGS from the Lord God Almighty?......well, The Lord was giving out gold filling just because it Pleases Him to do so!!
It helps a lot to have some support, I just cannot rustle up any enthusiasm!
Thanks again edwina.