Dennis Gaylor (24 Nov 2011)


The Bible says that "without holiness", NO ONE will see God [Hebrews 12:14].

What IS holiness?

First let me tell you what it ISN'T.

It's NOT shunning jewelry.

It's NOT avoiding nice clothes.

It's NOT refraining from wearing make-up.

It's NOT looking like "the Church Lady" on Saturday Night Live.

It's NOT never styling your hair, wrapping it into a grey bun, and wearing
drab dresses down to your ankles.

That'll just make you religious, UGLY AND DEPRESSED.

Holiness ISN'T anything EXTERNAL. How you LOOK (OUTSIDE) or even how you
ACT (OUTSIDE) has NOTHING to do with holiness.
Holiness is on the INSIDE.

Holiness is INTERNAL. It's a CONDITION of a person's heart.

The Greek word for "holiness" is hagiasmos, derived from the verb hagiazo,
which means to "set apart".

Does that mean, in order to see God, we have to become hermits, or join a
religious cloister? Hardly.

Jesus Christ, THE Holiest Being in the universe, was no hermit.
He walked around, in public. He talked, ate, drank, and hung around
prostitutes, publicans, and sinners.

Yet He is HOLY (SET APART FROM) sin. Which means, He can't even LOOK upon
it (Habakkuk 1:13).

Jesus imparts His Own Holiness to US, by His Spirit, when we receive Him
into our hearts (1 Peter 1:2-5; 2 Thessalonians 2:13; Hebrews 12:10).

Holiness ISN'T anything YOU DO.

Holiness ISN'T anything you DON'T do.

Holiness HAS BEEN DONE FOR you.

Holiness IS DONE TO YOU, when you receive Jesus Christ into your HEART, as
Lord and God, AND TRUST HIM to make you, now and forever, holy.

>From that moment you are SAVED AND SET APART unto God.

You COULD NOT produce your own holiness PRIOR to Salvation.

You CANNOT produce your own holiness AFTER Salvation.

I don't care what man-invented RELIGION SAYS, THAT'S WHAT GOD SAYS.

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Dennis Gaylor