David (11 Nov 2011)

 I just want all the Doves to know that many of us that read, or comment, or post, on this our dear John Tng's website, do not have the time to personally respond to everybody's prayer requests or desires for more knowledge in a particular area.

BUT...This I can assure all of you; that as for me, ALL pleas or requests for prayer are sent out to a worldwide body of mature intercessors for prayerful petition to the God of Abraham,Isaac, and Israel!! Who does wonderous things!!

I read the dove site almost everyday, and while I need to make more time to post and reply......ALL prayers, requests and spiritual problem areas are sent to my intercessory team whom mostly are in Israel, but there are also intercessors involved in Chang Mai and Chang Roi Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, India ,Mainland China,Wales,Korea, India, etc.

So be it known, that you are being listened to and that your prayer requests are being
sent out, and are being attended to, not only by myself,but also by my prayer team and I am sure that many,many other doves are praying and interceding as well.

Shalom B’Yeshua !!
David of Zion