Clay Cantrell (30 Nov 2011)
"re Nando and his observations"

Nando and other readers -

in response to this post:

and it's observations  -

I applaud you for making it all the way through a very long account (though incomplete) of December 1997.

I've been posting on this site for almost 14 years now, thanks to John Tng, and I am as clueless today as to why God selected me to do this work as I was when it started. I have no accomplished background in numbers.

There are two sides to the work God called me to do. a number side and a supernatural side (dreams and visions). I post both to the best of my ability.

in the beginning, the Lord's word to me was very clear about the material He would give me, and these are the exact words He used:

"Post all you know".

that was it. that was the directive.

Your observations about the complexity of the material and the ability of the average readers to understand it are noted, and are shared by many, as I have heard it often over the years. the material is complex and I don't apologize for that as it is not my material, per se. I readily admit that I am inadequately skilled to explain the material.

my posts are cumulative. 14 years worth of cumulative. there's no way around it. the average reader may look at a post of mine, and feel like they are coming into the middle of a complex conversation they don't follow, and that's exactly what is happening. they are coming into the middle of a complex conversation.

In the beginning i posted very complicated charts i drew up to try and make the material as clear, readable, understandable as I could, so that the highest number of readers might grasp it. I quit making charts several years ago, when i looked back on the previous ones and discovered they weren't any more readable than text files, so i quit. it took so very long to produce them.

I have always researched 10 times as much material as I actually post on this site, throwing out folders and notebooks full of material. i boil down as best I can what I think the Lord is saying about numbers, dreams or visions to as simple a form as I know how to do. it is really all i can do to get this material on line at all.

any questions any readers want to ask for clarification on any material I am happy to answer, but after all these years, I've settled into a pattern with the Lord about posting, and I simply can't do anything different than I am doing. I know people like MJ Agee do a much better job and explaining things.

a cursory read of this information will not get the reader very far when it comes to the numbers side, and this material is not for everyone. in fact, i often can't understand the material either. I do know this though, that over time, with some effort, the reader will see that there are really just a very few numbers I look for and post on. maybe 20. the single most important number is 527, Jared's age when Enoch is 'taken'.

There is a reason the Lord started this, and I have no idea what it is - except He wanted it known, and He thought I was a suitable vessel to do the work, which is beyond me. I would never have picked me to this work.

if the numbers material proves too much for a reader, then concentrate on the posts of the supernatural things, the dreams and visions like this one:

thanks for taking the time to read my posts. God bless you.

Jesus is Lord.