Clay Cantrell (29 Nov 2011)
"Jude, Enoch & the Late Autumn Trees"

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the book of Jude contains the only quotation attributed to Enoch in the Bible:

Jude 1:14-15 And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, "Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him."

Enoch appears to be a prototype of the Rapture (catching away),

Jude 1:12 These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; ....

the ESV (as well as the NKJV, and the NASB versions) use the translate it using the phrase "late Autumn" in regard to the trees, as shown below.

"These are hidden reefs[e] at your love feasts, as they feast with you without fear, shepherds feeding themselves; waterless clouds, swept along by winds; fruitless trees in LATE AUTUMN, twice dead, uprooted ...

the greek word is Strong's 5352g, used only once

phthinoporinos {fthin-op-o-ree-nos'} from derivative of phthino (to wane; akin to the base of 5351) and 3703 (meaning late autumn);; adj AV - whose fruit withereth 1; 1 1) autumn trees 1a) trees such as they are at the close of autumn, dry, leafless and without fruit 1b) metaph. of unfruitful, worthless men.

I always wonder if the two are connected. Enoch and late Autumn.

also going here

you can see the word list for this verse. notice the 214 word.

Jared (descend) hebrew gematria = 214. i've posted before that 214 has to do with twins, or doubles, or two of something.

also notice at the end of the book in verse 23

Jude 1:23
And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

pulling = Strong's 726g = Harpazo. to quickly pluck. same word as in the famous verse 1 Thessalonians 4:17.

Jude is the last book before Revelation, which may itself be significant. the last warning.