Clay Cantrell (24 Nov 2011)
"Repost: Polonium and Damascus"

Readers -

here is a re-posting of an article that was originally online Sept 24, 2010


on 11.1.2006 Polonium 210 was used as a weapon to kill the former
Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.

he died on 11.23.2006 from deliberate radioactive poisoning. he drank tea that was contaminated.

Polonium was discovered to be a pointer to the Rapture (Enoch) two years
earlier in October 2004. The Lord showed me this via certain key numbers inherent in the element itself.

Clue one:
Polonium is element 84 and that is Enoch's hebrew gematria.

Clue two:
Polonium's melting point = 254 C. 9-11 was day 254.

Clue three:
Polonium 254 Celcius = 527 Kelvin.  Jared 527 when Enoch taken.

Clue four:
Polonium's boiling point = 962 C. Jared lifespan = 962 years.

the isotope used in the murder was Polonium 210.

About a year and a half ago I begin to see that the number 1289 was
associated with Damascus. this is the total of the first four words of Isaiah 17:1, ending in the second mention of the word Damascus. I feel like the Lord just out-of-the-blue showed me that number.

210th prime number = 1289 !

I think this indicates that the Isaiah 17:1 event is nuclear.


special note

i posted this years ago, but the Jared lifespan number of 962 also is associated with the Bible word "spies".