Clay Cantrell (12 Nov 2011)
"Notes from an Email"

Interested Readers -

here are some random notes from an email exchange with an email friend  about Bible Numbers. it may be of interest to someone.


the first two words of Isaiah 17:1, second word being the first mention of Damascus by name = 785

785 = 157 x 5

makes sense!

157th prime # = 911, 157 killed on the two NYC planes, 157 from base conv trio 343d = 527o = 157 hxd etc etc etc

since 1289 = (254 x 3) + 527, (first four words Isaiah 17:1) then I suspect that Damascus destruction is some kind of match to the 9-11 event. without 9-11 you don't know certain numbers, like 343, 157, 254, 109 etc, so the Lord wanted His people to know certain numbers because they will appear again in the future - so, they are 'forerunners'. i do think a 9-11 bookend for the USA awaits but don't know what that is. it may be the destruction of the western city in the vision I saw. it may be an earthquake that splits the USA into two pieces. it may be the financial collapse of the NYC power base, i.e. another black monday. 9-11 was the handing over of the USA to it's enemies in judgment. imho

massive destruction, wherever it happens seems to involve the above numbers including 109 as a predominate.

on a side note, go here:

shows the two verses that have a gematria total of 2616 (109 x 24)

looking at the other verse, Psalm 76:5, might be an 'associated verse' to the Isaiah 17:1 verse. i.e. it might indicate a night-time surprise attack on the mighty men who get 'spoiled'. that might be the military of Damascus.

not sure about the timing. right now, my 'gut' tells me, from number associations, that it all happens at once and SUDDENLY. the AC is revealed and his clock starts, the Resurrection/Rapture event happens, Damascus is destroyed, USA is rendered impotent or is destroyed/incapacitated, some or all of satan's forces are cast to earth soon after (?). peace is 'taken' from the earth.


Shechem = 360

re day 360

day 360 looks like it has been marked several times in past years. Bob Ware has info on it more than I do.

for instance

Bam Iran Earthquake 12.26.03

Richard Eby died (of Caught Up to Paradise fame) 12.26.02

base conversions might show a correlation between the Patriarch ages when Enoch is taken from Genesis 5, and current dates, which get 'marked' by current events.

Kenan is 662 years of age when Enoch is taken

base conversion: 662 decimal = 1226 octal.

1226 must then be 12.26, if you have faith for it.