Clay Cantrell (12 Nov 2011)
"re Gerry Almond: Dream of the Violent Middle East"

Thanks to Gerry Almond for this short article on his wife's startling dream:

her dream of an at-war Middle East, and the destruction of Damascus really resonated with me. I think it is notable that she apparently hasn't had a dream like this ever, and she's 71 years of age and in troubled health.

it is also notable that she specifically heard a newscast that Damascus had been destroyed, which indicates a regional conflict, not just a strike on Iran.

the dreams of God are different, and they stick with you in detail, i.e. you can't forget them, and many times they scare you just because of their magnitude and their implications - and if really of God, will have their fulfillment. until they do, one constantly replays them in their memory, trying to understand them and also keeping watch for it.

Gerry Almond's wife is not alone - some visions Daniel saw really shook him up and sometimes made him physically ill.