Chelsea Brown (14 Nov 2011)
"Verse Stucture And Design in Scripture-"

I was re-reading again your article "Mysterious Greek  Missing Words and the Antichrist", posted here on Five Doves, and it raised another similar question to my mind ; something I have long wondered about.
There are a few rare instances in scripture where a verse begins and ends in the middle of a sentence. It is rare and very odd and must be designed for some reason. I have never seen any thoughtful comment or speculation as to what the design  of these verses, intersected at mid-sentence , might point to ? I have been long convinced that the verse structure is of design design. Your article and Clay Cantrell's work certainly confirms and substantiates that and even more --demonstrating Stong's numbering order as being devine in its creation.
It is also, notewothy that Chapters also sometimes end at the end of what seems to be a logical paragraph or thought. But in other cases a Chapter ends in the middle of a story. I am sure there is some tie and connection between these designs. Both verses that interupt a sentence and chapters that interupt a story or thought. The story of Barack in Judges  chapter 4 is such a case as the story concludes a few verses into Judges chapter 5. Obviously, the Lord wanted to connect "Barack", the name, with the verse 6,606 and with the chapter 5 (chapter 216 or 6x6x6). But there is some other design that exists between Chapters like this ? I am sure there is.
To unravel the design I suspect one would begin with a tie between verses intersected at mid-sentence. They are pretty rare.
Thanks for your work. I appreciate your allowing me to contribute occasionly both in letters and financially. This is the DAY and HOUR when the world needs such a resource as FiveDoves.
Thanks, Chelsea!