Charles (5 Nov 2011)
"Calvin's Post a tent pitched in the sun"

Go to 2010thecountdowns channel on YouTube watch his videos about something being wrong with the sun and the sky how they are trying to hide it with fake clouds and  Chemtrails. Calvins post talks about God pitching a tent before the sun like a bridegroom pavilion. 2010thecountdwns channel in his videos talks about how the sky is seeming like a fabric that is falling that we could see though the veil if only they were not concealing something. They are concealing the work and the message of God pitching his tent in the tabernancle of the sky. They are concealing the truth God says when you see the signs we are seeing look up your redemption draws near! Except they are concealing the true sky with their fake sky so the masses remain deceived. I believe YU55 may impact the moon on the 8th-11th sending a large chunk to earth and many smaller pieces. Look at 2010the countdowns earlier videos showing signs of life on the moon in color - the prince of the power in the air the moon our sky is cast down when YU55 hits -the gematria of 55 and the crystal skulls going around like landing zone markers for them to converge on? Guys we have days. The bible calls us the temple of God we are to make ourselves fit vessels for His habitation by the spirit why cause if His spirit is not in us we are vessels fit for the wrath of destruction. Ever see the invasion of the body snatchers get what's being cast down they need a place to go all the spiritually dead who walk not in the light of christ. Get saved today! You can only go up to heaven if what's from heaven resides in you. All this zombie stuff the additives in our food like aspartame that turns into embalming fluid in our bodies get it the walking dead are those of this world whose spirits are not kept safe with Christ in heavenly places who have not been born again. Get saved put on the armor of Christ. If not your just a goat a fit Habitation for what is being cast down. It's all coming together guys the holy spirit can not be here when their new world order water birth occurs we are born of the spirit but take us away take the holy spirit away a void is left for the cast down to fill. Pray psalm 25 get saved get born of the spirit you have two choices sheep or goat! No other you were born to be a vessel for one or the other a jar of clay get it times almost up to wake up!