Charles (29 Nov 2011)
"Everyone I know had green faces"

My son had a bad dream. He woke up saying everyone he knew had green faces. The sin nature? Well he later said plankton was spitting on everyone and turning them green well I told him plankton was like the evil one always scheming. Was this a five year olds way of saying the devil corrupted our flesh with the sin nature and they are dragons green and our flesh is dead from this corruption we live through a born again spirit and that spirit of christ mortifying killing the nature of our flesh. The five year olds get what the adults do not! I just buried my dad everyone is talking about what a success his grandchildren are with their degrees and jobs wow it means nothing when you die the flesh profits nothing. We have to work to eat but all that matters is through Jesus walking in the light of the truth and being redeemed through his blood. I cannot fathom going to work tomorrow. I have berm sheltered by this. I went to the Grocery store the police where there because of shoplifters, an old lady held up the twelve items checkout over the price of a cake, and because the cart I put back started blowing away after I got in my car a driver honked at me and wanted to get in a fight because it blew past his car! I think the demons came down 11:11:11 and we are on the brink of WWW3 and sudden destruction and rapture. I am not going to Mass for my dad sitting outside pray for me and spiritual protection in the ark.