Charles (24 Nov 2011)
"Only a clay vessel"

My thanks to all Doves your kindness was a tonic I needed. My dad passed away last evening at ten pm. He died with more bravery then most men lived. From last Tuesday till today my life has been horrifying from taking him to the emergency ward to his death one week. We did not leave him alone we held his hand I was there with my sister and nephew for twelve hours and the night before. I hold out hope he accepted christ when he said yeah yeah to me last Wednesday. My sister and I prayed an our father right after he passed. She said to him you were blessed by three priests two orthodox priests and a chaplin I laid hands on him and prayed the holy spirit give him peace. I grunted when she said about the blessings so she added Chaplin I said Sister it's what was in his heart not those blessing externally and she said I know. I believe he said yeah yeah and at the last wad at peace! She mentioned relatives he would see and I did not argue the point I just know a last minute external blessing does not cause an internal change of heart it may comfort living family but I am thankful I had time to witness one last time and it may have got through. I am trying to deal with all the worldly funeral stuff my other sisters husbands father past the same day! RC church they are mad at him thinking he did not do enough for them and purposely did not get back to him about funeral times to stick it to us I have missed a week if work. My other sister bowed out of the executor so the one I was in the hospital with is doing it with my help. They are talking about money next spring and I witnessed about the December 20th possible middle east conflagration and was told not to bring it up because there was important things to do now when he comes he comes. Really if money may be worthless in a month and his home a wall to fall down how does the likelihood of www3 planned and economic collapse even on an earthly level not be a relevant conversation topic to the overall importance of squabbling of how we should wait till spring to handle the house! It will not matter right now what we do how we act matters! We may not have then. But that's silly talk. They thank me for earthly things but poo poo interval spiritual things. Please pray for the spirit to work though me and protect me and my family. That I be found watching an praying and fly with all faithful doves!