Charles (22 Nov 2011)
"Black Friday a covetous black mass to worship the god of this world!"

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has become a major American shopping event. But the sad truth is Black Friday brings out the thieves in our midst – both those interested in stealing your stuff or simply your identity.
This dubious holiday tradition also seems to bring out the worst behavior from large numbers of bargain-obsessed – but inconsiderate – shoppers.
Avoid Black Friday Tragedy:
Safety Tips for the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year
My best advice as a value-buyer is to stay home on Black Friday. I value my time and personally don't care for crowds.

To entice the gullible to join this annual ritual, major stores advertise a nice price on select popular products. This, of course, adds to the zaniness, because stores as a matter of course usually stock only a small number of these "so-called" bargains. It results in a situation in which angry people are fighting and scratching for a handful of what they think should be "discounted" items.
Black Friday bargain hunters often end up with a more expensive alternative to the "discounted item" that was so widely advertised. And yet millions fall for this bait-and-switch every year!
Even with the continued bleakness of the economic picture, I suspect that we'll see record crowds at stores and malls this year. People are desperate to make the holidays a special time, and in many cases, that means spending money they don't have.
Violence is NOT in the Spirit of the Holidays!
Every year, people's bad behavior makes the news on Black Friday – from shoppers threatening one another to engaging in actual physical violence.
Last year, a woman at Toys'R'Us cut in front of several dozen shoppers in the check-out line. When people complained, she threatened to return to her car, grab a gun, and shoot those who didn't want her to cut. Police intervened and arrested the woman for disorderly conduct.
At another Toys'R'Us, also last year, two women got into a violent altercation. The situation spiraled out of control and the men with the women pulled guns and shot each other. Both died.
At a Target in New York, numerous shoppers were trampled. When the store opened its doors to the crowd, the crush of people pushed those at the front of the line down and then stormed over them. Luckily, Target staff responded quickly and pulled the fallen shoppers to safety. The number of injuries from the incident is unclear, but it's mere luck that no one was killed.
Two years earlier, one Wal-Mart worker wasn't so fortunate. The Black Friday shopping mob trampled him to death when the store threw open its doors.
Even people who avoid physical altercations and stampeding mobs may find their shopping day in ruins. In Southern California, three women finished a Best Buy shopping spree, dropped their purchases off at their car, and went to shop at J.C. Penny's. When they returned, all their Best Buy purchases were gone – more than $1,000 in gifts were stolen from them.
There are three major safety considerations when you're shopping on Black Friday:
First is dealing safely with the crowds, especially if they start to get pushy or violent.
Second is keeping your personal and financial information secure.
Third is protecting your purchases from theft once you've made them.
This whole world is deceived. That plastic toy Jimmy wants is worth shooting people over stealing other people's gifts are worth your eternal soul? Godliness with contentment you need something buy it but in all things petition the Lord he clothes the flowers of the fields and feeds the birds how much more shall he feed you and clothe you who ask. Black Friday = Black Mass! All this stuff will be burned up soon in fervent Heat. Godliness with contentment is true gold tried in the fire!