Charles (15 Nov 2011)
"To Kamie Come out of the lacadonian church"

Genesis 12:3 I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee and through thee all the nations of the world will be blessed! I came out of the RCC and was worldly for a time I longed for God and met a pastor who listened and told me to read John I read John 3:16 believed and told Jesus I would do it His Way! I was water baptized in the lake Nd came out truly feeling full of the spirit I prayed to meet my wife and met her the next day we went to her UMC church. For fifteen years I did the nursery, missions, bible stuff, activities and was able to survive the purpose driven movement the message bring read from the pulpit. One day our newer pastor said he did not believe it was always right for a woman to chose life ie abortion! Of 150 people in the pew my hair stood on end. We even had an anti abortion champion on the board. Well I confronted the pastor and got the Answer with all his counseling he was not sure it was not better sometimes to not have a baby. I told him it was a life and God always chose life! Well I noticed two things the change in people in church especially after purpose driven was not there. The youth fled in droves and for all the present praise music it was entertaining but not filling. Well God showed me that the UMC was supporting a two state solution and Palistine google it! I was told well we have to take the good with the bad really? Profess Christ and poke God in the eye? I asked for the board to write a letter saying we were opposed to this and to withhold our money until it changed they said what good would a letter do? I said we cannot preach Jesus and stand against God. This occurred this summer after our pastor came back from Israel a church trip he led! God showed me the verses in Corinthians about what fellowship does a believer have with Baal to come out from among them and be separate and he will receive you as acson to touch not the unclean thing. There was a video of an ecumenical service in NYC of the heads of all the Protestant churches Bowing to the Pope! I never came out of the RCC just hanging with her daughter! No one gets it the Lacadonian chuch is spit out! What can the rightous do when the foundations are destroyed. The people in the pews are totally ignorant of their money supporting the UN and palistine and other things and when told do not care. but aware of the truth I believe God is mercifully calling out his children from a lacidonian church that is going to become the corner of the one world religion. All denominations are 501c3 they cannot take a political position against a govenment policy! They work for the government by the rules they follow not to pay taxes not Jesus. I cannot find a non denominational non 501c3 church to attend. But I had to come out of playing church. Do not be on the wrong side of genesis 12:3 or you may be on the wrong side of the rapture and God! What can the rightous do when the foundations have fallen? Come out from among her be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing and a will receive you as a son. Anyone who has this promise cleans themselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Kamie sounds like God is calling you out to witness also and separate yourself onto Him. That's the side you want yo be on you are not leaving your church but standing with God they have left you and whether they see it or not are of the world. God said not to go back or it will be even worse I had to leave fifteen Years it's wood hay and stubble when your supporting abortion and standing against Israel whatever else you preach it means nothing!