Charles (14 Nov 2011)
"One third of the sea"

There are reports check out Mary greeleys channel on YouTube of high level nuclear waste having been buried for ten years in the sea in front of the canary islands you know where it's volcanically active and a mountain named iron may fall burning into the sea according to the history channel! Is this the Atlantic fukoshima? Let's see the gulf seafood poisoned, the fuskishima radioactive water release in the pacific poison, now radioactivity reaching the UK already and all the life in the sea died? Why would they dump radioactive waste on the seafloor of an active volcano fault? Same reason all the us reactors are along new Madrid and Fukushima was at the sea? Is this the pestilence that wastes silently at night. So now if there is a tsunami it will be highly radioactive making anywhere flooded uninhabitable? God shows us as much as we can bear how much more horror he is seeing may Jesus blood wash us clean radioactive tides what else would?