Charles (11 Nov 2011)
"My greatest sorrow"

My greatest sorrow is not the atheists or new agers that I meets scoffing at what I try and warn about or catholic friends comfortable inna religion they know I fled from saying hey get off the doom and gloom stuff Christ may not come for a thousand years but they are taking Paxil for migraines and I am taking the red pill! It is the slow dawning my slow realization that the denominational Christian church in their 501c3 government controlled glory are preaching against me Jesus is love wrath is not on the world we do not need to watch end times signs it gets in the way of the message. What message just go yo church once a week Jesus will take you as you are no need to sacrifice or change a thing and certainly you have no right to tell the world if Jesus does not save them they go to that fiery place it might scare them. I sadly conclude what Jim said is true the mainstream asleep church will be used to beat us down until the rapture explain the rapture away to the lost when it occurs then be destroyed after their usefulness is up. I feel like I am pulling a rope and 99 Christians are pulling the other way and the world us watching and laughing thinking we are all a bunch of smucks! Jesus is holding my end of the rope so I am not going anywhere but they are not budging either. I took the red pill I cannot go back to the matrix. My family and friends few solution is that I am watching too much news and I am reading too much bible and I should focus on real world things that matter and if I just got another hobby that would take my attention away their problem with me will be solved! Well the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and this world gives them a false sense of security only Jesus provides. My greatest sorrow is not the world does not get it we need Christ to save us my greatest sorrow is fellow christians do not realize they need to start looking up not down at the ground . Remember star wars when they were in the garbage pit the walls were crushing them a snake is trying to eat them and their covered in filth. Their only hope was c3po they were showing us what our world is really like our reality is crashing down on us we are covered in filth and a serpent is trying to eat us. Our only hope for rescue is Jesus except in the movie every one in the garbage compactor understood their reality of situation and in our world they do not. I feel alone except for Jesus and in a sea of people what brings them joy only makes me want to go home I am so afraid for them so afraid I may screw up or be left here. The only hope I have is Jesus to pull me out of the garbage pit I am not stopping watching or praying or trying to warn although I am getting no where I pray that all who place their hope in Jesus and are watching and praying are not ashamed. I want Jesus to supper with me. My only consolation is Jesus is not silent to me I keep trying to jump to Him and he makes up the gap between my few inches and infinity. I do not know if tomorrow is rapture day but I do know evil is compacting the walls And it's getting awful tight in here and I wish a few more people would be propping the walls open until Jesus comes I do not want to see them crushed or eaten but their solution pretending it's not real and it will all go away if we just focus on something else only works until Jesus comes then the walls slam shut! Please wake up understand we are not warning you to be a downer but because your in a pit of garbage being crushed and a serpent is trying to devour you and only Jesus can save you but until you call on him and believe he can and take your cross and prop the walls open till he comes you have no hope!