Charles (1 Nov 2011)
"Who wants off the ride?"

My wife is planning a shopping trip with five girlfriends and wants to rent a van I asked when and she said November 12th and I let out a grunt and said you heard anything I said about 11:11:11 and I got do I have to hang up now? Can you please do this for me sure I told her. The tyranny of having to go along with those walking in the vanity of their mind according to the course of this world is almost crushing me. I honestly do not know what to say. I am sure no one knows or cares unesco noted today to admit palestine today and they laughed when Israel voted no! That's not important but renting a van to haul more shopping stuff is. And my wife by all accounts is a good wife mother friend although we are clashing constantly over my wanting to watch and honor God over the PC thing to do in this world.  It's like being on a ride you were put on by your parents you have been on it all your life it's now spinning so fast the bolts are coming loose. Everyone else is going whee and your trying yo tell them they have to get off now. They are not listening they just scream louder your frantically trying to tell the ride operator about the bolts he sees you looks at them smiles and cranks the ride into overdrive everyone goes whee! Someone down below yells at you Jesus can get you off so you call on Jesus name and watch and wait for him to come while you watch everyone go whee while you try to hold down the bile! Thats what I feel like.