Carrolla (24 Nov 2011)
"obama care"

Hi, I was listening to Mike Levin last night on the radio at Chicago WLS am and a neurosurgeon called in to the show to say that when Obama care kicks in in 2014 anyone 70 or older who requires  neurosurgical care will only be ok'd for "comfort care". Also the conference he went to referred to patients as "units". He mentioned that of course his specialty is one of the most expensive. Brain bleeds and aneurysms are 2 things he said would need to be ok'd by some kind of panel who know nothing about medicine. He mentioned that lots of times he is doing surgery at 2 or 3 am b/c that's when emergencies require that type of care and couldn't think of any kind of panel that would be available at that time. I guess we are on the verge of death panels that Sarah Palin was referring to. I'm pretty sure that there are no 70 year olds on these panels, and I'm sure these rules won't apply to government officials. I sure hope this next election will get someone to repeal Obamacare before it gets any further into the pipeline. It's all part of the devaluing of life. The neurosurgeon was disgusted and frustrated. Thanks, Carrolla