Caroline (2 Nov 2011)
"Letter to all Doves"

Dear all Doves,

Before all & most importantly I want to thank you all because the Lord Jesus through you all has kept us all watching & waiting for that glorious day that is soon to come. You all have done as we were called to do comfort each other with the reminder of his soon coming. (1 Thess. 4:18) Wherefore comfort one another with these words. This is the first time I ever write to the five doves I have read the letters giving me so much hope now the Lord put in my heart I should share something very important he gave me years ago, I asked him for conformation & he sure gave it to me last night.


It all started when my dad wasn’t feeling well, he was admitted to the hospital in January 2004 when the doctors came to tell us he had pancreatic cancer they didn’t do it discreetly they told us in the hallway of the hospital saying he had stage 4 & that he would be lucky if he made it to two months they said this in front of my youngest daughter who has congenital heart disease she would not stop crying she kept crying that her grandpa wasn’t even going to be here for her birthday (June 28th) The Lord told me to tell her that he had a reason for this & that if she stopped crying & would be strong for her grandpa he would allow my father to live to a week past her birthday, my father passed away on July 5th a week after my daughter’s birthday.  The Lord allowed me the Privilege to provide my dad his precious salvation of which my dad accepted he is now in heaven. There is much more but I’ll start crying & I need to continue the Lords message.


After months of my father’s passing I had a dream which didn’t feel like a dream it felt like I was there.  It started we were all in a bedroom(my mom, children & my grandson) when I looked my dad was there he was eating in a little bowl like he always would, he looked at me placed the bowl down looked around the room with such gladness in his eyes & said do you want to see my new home, I said yes as I followed him he opened a door that was not in that bedroom that  just appeared, as I followed him it seemed we were going across the street, I noticed the street looked as if it was just paved with new asphalt, so neat. (not normal in our streets there’s cracks & holes everywhere) then there was this huge building looked like a condominium but real tall there was no sun in the sky or blue skies there was just overwhelming light, he opened these two huge doors I mean huge, there was a lady in the middle of the room sitting at a desk she asked him if he had permission to take me in, he nodded she looked in a huge book in front of her & said yes he did.  He started running up these stairs like skipping 2 steps at a time. (when my dad had been sick they had to place a stent in his stomach) so I kept saying careful dad you know you have that stent he looked back at me smiled & kept on skipping  like a child would do.  Funny I couldn’t keep up with him.  I kept noticing that things were different where ever we were, the steps were a beautiful marble & the handrails were a bright gold & so polished it was really nice.  Finally when we got to the 8th floor he went to a door that had the number 811 on it, the key he had said on it 811 but the door would not open he asked me to ask the man by us that if he had the right number so I did the man turned the key around & said its 118 not 811 so my dad looked at me & smiled it was weird but we started going back down I thought well we are going to the first floor to room 118, all of a sudden we were outside & he handed me a camera then he stood in the middle of the street  he said to take a picture of him like I always loved to do.(I do photography) When I was about to take a picture there were cars passing by I screamed dad the cars they are going to hit you, he smiled again & the cars passed right through him that’s when I sort of started realizing he was in spirit, he came over said let me look at how the picture came out when we looked at the camera screen it wasn’t a picture of him it was a picture of all of us in the bedroom where it started without him in it, he said I miss you all so much, then I woke up.

I knew the message had to do with either 8-11 or 11-8 so every year since, on those dates I watch so August 8, passed every year & nothing but this year the Lord has placed heaviness in my heart to tell everyone perhaps November 8th something is going to happen perhaps I will get to see my dad again & that was his message that would be the day I would be able to see him again & his home in heaven.

With all the bad things that are supposed to happen on November 9th, 10th & 11th, God wouldn’t suffer us to his wrath just perhaps we might be going home on November 8th. Not setting a date but just saying keep looking up our redemption draws near!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, Amen