Carol Garza (14 Nov 2011)
"To Taylor re: Steve Jobs, religion and natural cancer cures"

Hi Taylor and Doves,
Steve Jobs was into natural healing and natural ‘everything’ for years.
He refused surgery until it was his last hope and by then his time was up.  He was a professing Buddhist who used a lot of LSD in his early adult days.
When he was 13, he asked the Lutheran pastor of his parents’ church why God allowed so many children to starve.  The pastor could not give him a satisfactory answer and it was then from what I gather his heart towards GOD heartened.
His last words were “Wow!  Oh Wow.  Oh Wow.”
More than likely he was on the Morphine drip to mask the pain and was hallucinating.  I do hope Steve Jobs saw Jesus before he died and repented, choosing our SAVIOR.  I do not know.   Patrick Swayze did not confess the Lord Jesus as his Savior either to my knowledge. 
While natural herbs and natural teas can help heal a person, only JESUS CURES and SAVES.
Come Lord Jesus !
Carol G
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