Bruce E (15 Nov 2011)
"Does the “devil” wanna steal “Channukah”"

Does the “devil” wanna steal “Channukah” <2011, 24Kislev>
This "theory" is presented as a mere possibility, i am neither a prophet, nor the son of one.
Yahushua Ha Masshiach said: "No man knows the day or the hour". He also said . . .
Matthew 5:17-18 "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not
come to destroy, but to fulfil". vs18) "For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass,
one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till ALL be fulfilled".
Leviticus 25 describes the 49yr. Jewish Sabbatical cycle, with the 50th being a "Jubile" yr.
"IF" Jesus "chose" to return based on Leviticus chapter 25 what might that look like?
First, keeping things as simple as 1+1+1=3, like a child. From 6-7-1967, Yom Kippur;
+49 "Jewish years" of 360 days (17,640) land right on Yom Kippur 9-23-2015.
Subtracting 1,260 days,  42 mo. or, (a time, times and dividing of time) lands on 04-11-12.
4-11-2012 just happens to be 3 days after Easter/Ishtar and in the middle of "Passover".
4-11-2012 plus 1,335 days ( Daniel 12:12) lands on Dec. 6/7th. Channukah/Pearl Harbor.
From Full Red Blood moon over Israel 6-15-2011 TO Yom Teruah/Rosh H. 2012 is 459 days.
Genesis calls the evening and the morning  the “first day”, therefore 6-16-11 to 8-16-12,
Is exactly 153+153+153=459 days. 4-11-2012 is the last for the "Abomination
of Desolation" AND "2 witnesses" revealed, "IF" Yeshua "chooses" to fulfill Leviticus 25.
11-11-11 was the birthing of the "Covenant of HELL & Death",that fell 1 vote short in U.N..
+40 days as in the days of Noah, land on "Channukah" 24 Kislev. (See Haggai 9mo.24day, 3X).
Part B
Continued. . . "Theory" based on Lev. 25 sabbatical year cycle in Torah.
Not only are there three 153 day cycles from blood moon to Yom Teruah 2012.
From 11-11-11 there are EXACTLY 153 days till 4-11-2012.
4-11-2012 is the final day for the "Abomination of Desolation" to occur, "IF"
the Lord is fulfilling Leviticus 25. (No one can DEMAND Christ to fulfill Lev. 25)
Likely reasons why i believe December 20th. 2011 will be an historic day. .
1) Dec. 20th is "40 days" after, 11-11-11. As in the days of Noah, the waters
began to fall on the 17th. of Cheshvan/Chislev which is today Nov. 14th. 2011
coincidentally 3 days after 11-11-11. (Covenant of Hell & Death, 1 vote short)
2) Channukah is the 8 day festival of "LIGHTS", AND 4 yrs. from Channukah 15.
3) Construction of 2nd. Temple resumed (520BCE), what IN-justice if 12-20-11
4) Blood moon 6-15 TO 12-20 is 188 days! Beasts# (Strongs 188 refs. inc. anti)
5) 12-20-2011 has 11 days to yrs. end AND 114 days to 4-11 (Abom. date ?)
6) Galactic planetary alighnment 1yr+1day later, or 366 days past 12-20-2011.
7) 12-20-2029 Metonic twin eclipse "18" years AFTER 12-20-2011.
8) "IF" you wanted to harm 2 faiths on ONE day. December 20, 2011 would do.
9) The 3 mentions of th 9th. month and 24th day in Haggai, distrub me. They
are placed amidst the LORD shaking the heavens and the earth. Interesting.
Shalom . . .