Beverly (8 Nov 2011)
"Attn: All doves standing against the crystal skulls 11-11-11"

Ok.  I looked up the site that Stacy Raborn mentioned (many Thanks!) & I think it would be

a good idea if we all joined in with Pastor Paul Begley's group on his live program on 11-11-11.

He & his group are standing against this evil also on Liberty Broadcasting Network live & they

will start prayer at 11:11am west coast time...I am going to encourage the Doves to let the pastor

lead the way in prayer.  I will be in the group my screen name is BeeCNU..I hope to find you all

there in the chat room also.   Give me a shout out (BeeCNU) in the chat room just so I will know

you are there!  Look, this certainly does not mean that I am stopping my prayer day, as I still plan

to spend as much time in prayer that day as possible!

So unless the Savior shouts before then, I'll BeeCNU there, otherwise, Glory to God, I'll
BeeCNU at the feet of Jesus!!

by His mercy & grace only,
Beverly (Bee) Stegall