Barry Amundsen (25 Nov 2011)
"My thoughts on the subject of “those of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie…”"

 I think this is Jesus referring to the powerful world leaders who have been ruling over this world mostly in secret from behind the scenes and who are completely in league with Satan.

Satan offered to give all the kingdoms of this world to Jesus if He would fall down and worship Satan. When Jesus refused, Satan took his offer and found a more accepting recipient in those bloodlines that now control the nations of this world. Referred to by many names but for now we could just say the Illuminati, so called because they are considered to be possessors of special knowledge and illumination given to them by the shining one Lucifer himself. (Check the current issue of TV Guide to see their ever more increasingly famous hand signal being given by the “first lady”.)

As “Firecharger”

has shown in one of his latest videos, the apple with a bite out of it is a symbol of superiority and intelligence and knowledge etc. as per the original offer of Satan to Eve in the garden that knowledge of good and evil would make them like God.

These people that Jesus referred to as the synagogue of Satan, must be worshipping Satan because a synagogue is a place of worship but they also are a people who say that they are Jews but are not and are lying about that. Is there anyone who fits this description in our day now? I believe there is. If you have looked into the history of the Illuminati there is a point at which one of the leading families was that of Mayer Amschel Bauer who changed the family name to Rothschild (red shield) and took on a Jewish identity that was in fact a lie.

Here is a quote from the following site:


“A very interesting article, however I am not convinced about all this talk of Khasars/Ashkanasi Jews. They (Bauers/Rothschilds) came from the area of Bavaria/Avaria, tribe known as Huns. Weishopt is said to be a Crypto Jew, so maybe the Bauers/Rothschilds were also.
Update: 01.07.2011”


It is also interesting to me to consider the evil (meant to kept) secret document called “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which can be checked out here:

This is an obvious attempt to be taken as a very “Jewish” originating evil, (using terms like goyim meaning cattle to describe outsiders, all of us) but any Holy Spirit led discerning person will quickly see through the fog and identify its source as that of the evil one himself. Sadly, there are many in the world that have fallen for the ruse and have accused of a great “Jewish” conspiracy destroying the world. And while there does seem to be certain validity to the contention, for there appears to be many “Jews” in positions of great influence and power in this world such as in the Hollywood/entertainment community etc. yet one wonders if the title there too is in fact genuine. For there is the school of thought in some scholarly circles that even these types of “Jews” are not true Jews either but they speak of “Edomites” etc. At this point, I shake my head and give up because I figure that God knows them that are His.

On the subject of the 144,000 “Jews” I would simply like to point out that they are not called Jews in the Bible but of the tribes of Israel and there is a big difference. Jews are descended from Judah but also included Benjamin. All the other tribes of Jacob were never known as Jews but kept their individual tribal identifications. The only tribe that was present in Jesus’ day in New Testament territories besides Judah and Benjamin was Levi who joined the other two tribes in order to be where the temple was after the split of the two kingdoms under Rehoboam (Judah) and Jeroboam (Israel). This is why Jesus encounters Levites who are mentioned as such but never anyone from other tribes such as Naphtali or Asshur or Zebulun or Dan or Reuben etc. Yet those other tribes were in existence and I believe they were the commonwealth of Great Britain and eventually would include the USA. It is these people dwelling in “Islands” called Israelites who are addressed by Isaiah so often as God’s people but who were for a time losing their identity as such and in the new place where they were long known as “not My people” there they would become known as “Children of God”. (By the way, God and King James translators know the difference between Islands and coast lands and they are not interchangeable.) The stories of their plight have long been told in the stories (neither Disney nor the Brothers Grimm wrote these stories but they were passed down for generations and remain in only our heritage) such as Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, or Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Hansel and Gretel and many others as can be read about here:

God knows where His people Israel are and they will become one people again as the stick for Judah and the stick for Israel are once again joined in the latter days which is trying to happen but you know who is doing all he can to keep it from happening. Most likely this will happen after the bride is gone. But one of the most awesome points that Jesus makes in all of this is that there is coming an event where He, Jesus personally is going to present us little nobodies who make up His bride before these currently powerful world rulers who see us with only hatred and contempt, and He is going to make them acknowledge us and know that He loved us whom they considered to be so low.

First will be last and last will be first.