Barb K (21 Nov 2011)
"Re: Jeff's Dream" 
Dear Jeff and Doves,
Just wanted to share the dream I had a couple of weeks ago, too that spoke of a possible pre-Christmas rapture. I first would like to give praise and honor to our Awesome Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His faithfulness, to even consider communicating with us his plans and secrets.  How humbled I am that he would spend that kind of personal time with me.  After all, He is the King of the Universe!!  As I write this I am feeling His Mighty Presence, in a powerful way!!
Anyway, I have hesitated to share this only because it is the first time I have ever been bold enough to ask the Lord to share his plans with me. And probably more because I am still so blown away that He did. I had been inspired to do this by all of you on the Doves site and Rita.  How people were asking Him to confirm His return this year.  So, I decided one night, a couple of weeks ago, before going to sleep to ask the Lord if He would give me a dream sharing His approximate time of the rapture.  Shortly after I made my request, I fell asleep and had a very vivid dream, short and sweet, that I was holding up a new Christmas decoration showing my daughter and explaining to her that "I just wanted to do something different with the front door, this year".  I even dreamt in color!
I remember, very clearly, that this decoration was a RED, tinselly thing. It really had no discernable shape (maybe a bell or tree) but the color was absolutely clear.  And basically, that was it and I woke up. Two significant things to point out here are that I usually can never remember any of my dreams. And this one is still very impressed on my mind and in my spirit.  The Lord had blessed me with a short, sweet, message. So like Him!! Right to the point.  Speaking of points, the second thing that is significant is that if I was decorating in this dream that would indicate that it is the weekend BEFORE Christmas because that is usually when I do it. After waking from the dream I was very excited and so blessed that he would answer my request. 
The feeling in my spirit gets increasingly stronger with each day that passes, that this is a very, very, real possibility! I keep hearing in my spirit "the week of Christmas, the week of Christmas"!!!
When I read about your dream, Jeff and the words "the week of Christmas",  need I tell you how they jumped out at me!!
Thank you every one for your faithfulness in sharing your thoughts, dreams and visions. I so look forward to going to Five Doves every night after work to see what the Lord is speaking to His people. And a special thanks to you, John, for your obedience and courage to start this site. Think about it people, the Internet, what Satan has meant for evil,  the Lord has turned into a global church and place of fellowship & worship, breaking down every barrier, reaching people in the highways and byways of the entire world.
Barb K.