Armando (8 Nov 2011)

Another 11/11 incident:

Hello to everyone.  For the last several months, I have heard testimonies from several doves concerning the unexpected and sudden appearance of the number 11 or 11/11.
I never gave it much thought and considered it was interesting.
My wife and I just returned from a few days of vacation in Arizona.  We attended a country music concert given by Wynonna Judd.  We bought the tickets and the young lady at the ticket counter picked the seats for us.  The ushers guided us to our seats and sat us down.  Before the concert started I decided to look at my ticket once again and it read,
A,row 11,seat 11.  
I immediately recalled all those testimonies given at the fivedoves site.  The concert was Nov. 3rd at night.  Because it was evening, the date can be considered to be the 4th, 7 days from 11/11/11.  Could this be a seven day warning!
Only time will tell.  I wanted to share this with everyone.

New Mexico