Angie W (9 Nov 2011)
"To PINEMAN: We say the same things but in different ways"

I am glad to see that you too laughed at the framed photograph of Obama in the office of the preacher.  I agree that to apply the identity of the AC prior to the mid-point is non sequitur; I do not agree it is a waste of time.
Consider this:  first the Bible says that we CAN know the identity of the beast if we have "wisdom".  I don't think any wisdom given by the Holy Spirit is a waste of time.  There must be a reason?  Maybe for people here on Five Doves to document for ones that will not be raptured or maybe God will use this website to witness to unblinded Jews at the midpoint?  I am sure you will agree that one who knows the identity of the AC is definitely in an advantage situation come next April 2012.  When he does appear in the temple, the "woman" is instructed to flee-Rev 12, Mark 13:14
We know that we will not "see" the AC, thank God!  
I do believe Obama is the vessel for the AC, his name is coded in the Bible.  I did not use the fact of who the AC is at all to devise a timeline from the start of God's judgment to the end.  I can clearly see where Daniel's 21 days of praying are, where the 153 days and the Sons of God are, where the great tribulation starts for the Jews, where the 1260 days end and the 30 get added to make 1290, what date the abomination of desolation is set up, what date the beast will receive the head wound to rise after "3" days, all because the end is near and God gives wisdom. 
One could ask the same question about the rapture date.  If we supposedly can't know the day or hour, why do so many of us, spend hours and hours trying to figure it out?  Do you have to "guess" the correct rapture date to be raptured?  I hope not, because I don't think 3 people on this site agree with one date. 
I have spent countless hours and hours with my Bible.  I can't think of anything else I had rather be doing.  It is in my blood, so to speak.  I only have the knowledge I have because the Holy Spirit revealed truth to me.  It sounds like you also have a hunger for the things of God.  If the Lord returns next month to rapture His bride, was all of this a waste of time?  Maybe, Maybe not.  I may have wasted my time to know the truth as a date; however, I did not waste my time to know the Truth as my redeemer, rescuer and soon coming Bridegroom and neither have you!
BTW, who do you think the AC will be?  And what leads you to Ascension Thursday?
Your Sister in Christ