Amanda (9 Nov 2011)
"My dream - $7.45....also still feel from Him 2011 is the "year""

I had a dream on Saturday that just seemed to stick out even today and when I woke up so I would like to post it.  It's kinda funny in itself and did not make sense to me but looking back it could have some meaning.  

In part of the dream I was going to see a show (I was on a vacation somewhere) when while I was in the ticket line and I got up to the booth to pay I also decided to do a load of laundry--how funny is I that much of a multitasker!!--so I was setting up my clothes to be washed while I was paying the person and I just remember they said the payment to have them be washed was $7.45.  I remember even in my dream (cheapie that I am) thinking $7.45 wow that's alot to get a load of laundry done.  

Well when I woke up it just stuck out to me that part of the dream.  I started thinking could it be a 7 day warning.  We all know what "7" means anyways but the .45 has a meaning to possibly.  I read Gerry Almond's post today and did not realize 11/10/11 is the 42nd day from Rosh Hashanna 9/29/11 and then I started thinking the "45" day is November 13.  I feel something big is coming that day.  

Now I could be very wrong but had to post this dream.  When I ask the Lord will it be in November or December He does not point me to either.  But in the spring of 2010 I asked the Lord was He coming in 2010 or 2011 and He answered with "11".  Now this year recently I asked the Lord (thinking maybe it will be in 2012 since we are getting close) will it be in 2012 or 2011 and He answered with "11".  

Don't rule out 2011 yet!!!

Getting ready...spiritually, physically and emotionally lately.  Just feel its those last moments we are in!

Thanks for all who are reading.  So glad I can share and not be alone in this!