Amanda (5 Nov 2011)
"For:  Nicole and to all who are being DEEPLY spiritually attacked!!"

Hi Nicole and Doves,

Wow Nicole I was just thinking I needed to post something about the spiritual attacks I have been facing lately and then I fell across your two postings and so totally agreed!  It seems the devil is so disgusted with me and wants to bring me down any way he can.  It has been through neighbors, my mom and brother, even my husband.  I keep hearing the Lord say the battle has been won!!!


I know I need to keep this spiritual gear on at all times because I have had some severe arrows coming at me lately.  Its made me on edge, irritable, not loving and fighting with my husband.  I truly know the time has to be sooooo close with all these attacks.  

And all the material stuff nice and thank you Jesus for supplying but I get what you say Nicole to all the other stuff that can tend to way a person down.  Not to mention who the heck wants to have to clean 5+ toilets a day and maintain a roof that is on a large square foot home.  I know I only have 2 kids and why do I need more room when I'm looking to purge and get rid of stuff in my 2,000 square foot home!  I know the Lord has blessed me and then some so I try to remember that in my daily crabiness and give back whenever I can.  

Lately the Lord has been tugging on my heart to be more HUMBLE AND GENTLE.  

One of the first wake up calls for me about the soon coming of Jesus was back in March of 2008.  I woke up in the middle of the night to hearing a deep mans voice saying...death and the second death.  I immediately started researching then and the Lord started showing and saying to me He was coming back soon.  
The devil knows he's on bided time.

Thank you Nicole and big hugs to all,